TESL Canada Federation Recognized Teacher Training Program Application Forms


TESL Canada is currently accepting new applications for Teacher Training Program Recognition.



TESL Canada recognizes and endorses teacher training programs that provide high quality ESL/EFL teacher education that includes linguistic and pedagogical theory, methodology and practice to prepare teachers to teach English effectively in a wide variety of settings. The teacher training program standards outlined in this document are intended for teacher training programs for teachers of adults. The fulfillment of the application requirements should demonstrate that the teacher training program meets the TESL Canada standards.

Please consult each section below for the appropriate application form for your program. Note that the forms are fillable PDFs, so please fill them out before printing. You may submit your application via mail or courier to the TESL Canada office at the following address: PO Box 30001 RPO Prospect Plaza, Fredericton, New Brunswick, E3B 0H8, Canada; you may also submit your form via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Newly Established Teacher Training Programs

New teacher training programs that have been in operation for less than one year will be considered for interim recognition. Interim recognition is granted to new programs that meet TESL Canada application requirements and is intended to provide the opportunity for programs to demonstrate that they are able to meet and to sustain TESL Canada standards. 

During the interim recognition period the program must

  • be in continuous operation for a minimum of one program session.

  • submit a TESL Canada Interim Status Session Report (Form A) for the session.  The report will include the number of trainees per session, a description of the facilities, teacher trainers’ qualifications and trainee evaluations.

  • report on any significant changes to the program that were not submitted in the original application, i.e. staff, facilities, curriculum.

Interim programs that meet the above criteria and maintain TESL Canada Teacher Training Standards will be granted full recognition and will then be expected to comply with recognition requirements. A successfully completed interim period will be considered part of the overall five-year recognition period.  Students who graduate from an interim recognized program will be able to apply for TESL Canada certification once the program has received full recognition.

Teacher Training Program Interim/Initial Recognition Application Form

Teacher Training Program Interim Report


Established Teacher Training Programs

Established teacher training programs that have been in operation for more than one year or one session may apply immediately for full recognition. Full recognition is granted for a five-year period.

 During this five year period recognized teacher training programs must

     • submit the TESL Canada Annual Report (Form B) during their renewal month each of the four years following recognition 

     • submit annual fees with the Annual Report as follows:                 

Annual Report Review Fee($110.00 + Tax) and Associate Fees ($165.00 + Tax) are during the month of the renewal date.


After the five-year recognition period has passed, established programs must reapply using the TESL Canada Program Recognition Application Form and pay the full application fees.

A full and separate application must be completed for each teacher training program. This includes a new franchise, partnership, satellite, or program delivered in association with another organization or institution that duplicates an existing program.

Substantial changes to a recognized program including changes in curriculum, staff, resources, or facilities must be reported within two months of the change. Failure to do so may result in TESL Canada Teacher Training Program Recognition status being removed from the program.

For details or clarification on any of the above points, contact the TESL Canada office.  

Teacher Training Program Recognition Application (New Programs)

Teacher Training Program Recognition Renewal Application

Teacher Training Program Annual Report Form (Form B)

Teacher Training Program New Staff Form (Form F)

Teacher Training Program Annual Report with Interim Status Report Form (Form A)

Teacher Training Program Accreditation Manual

TESL Canada Short Online Specialized Teacher Training Course Accreditation Application Form



Teacher Training Personnel Approval

Please be advised that from July 1, 2015, a fee of $27.50 will be applicable for the evaluation of Form F and resumes of instructors in all TESL Canada recognized Teacher Training programs. There will be no separate charge for Form F-s and resumes submitted with application package (new or renewal) and annual report.

Form F -Curriculum & Program Developer, Academic Supervisor, Teacher Trainer, Practicum Supervisor, Practicum Sponsor Teacher, Administrator Application Form