Awarding Teacher Training Recognition

TESL Canada grants recognition of TESL Training Programs providing the designation as a TESL Canada Recognized Teacher Training Program. Recognition decisions are made based on a comprehensive review and assessment of the program. The assessment includes successive levels of review and includes a site visit (“inspection”) as a component of the five year recognition.

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Practicum Hours for TESL Canada Standard Two Recognized Programs

Classroom Observation: 30 hours

Supervised individual practice teaching: 20 hours

The new practicum standard requires that Standard Two recognized programs extend the mandatory practicum hours from 20 (10 hours of classroom observation + 10 hours of supervised individual practice teaching) to 50 (30 hours of classroom observation + 20 hours of supervised individual practice teaching). 

The deadline for the implementation of the new practicum requirement of 50 hours is September 1, 2017.

TESL Canada board has also approved the policy that up to half of the observation and practice teaching hours may be done in online synchronous environment.

Expired Teacher Training Programs

TESL Canada recognition of a teacher training program is based on an evaluation of the program's submitted curriculum, instructional staff, facilities and resources in place to prepare teachers to enter the TESL/TEFL profession. The recognition process does not include an evaluation of a program's business practices. Therefore, TESL Canada recognition does not imply TESL Canada approval or endorsement of a program's business practices.

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List of Recognized Programs

The table below lists TESL-recognized training programs.

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TESL Canada Federation Recognized Teacher Training Program Application Forms

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