TESL Canada Professional Certification

TESL Canada National Certification Standards for Instructors of English as a Second Language or Foreign Language in Adult Programs were developed for instructors trained in Canada. TESL Canada National Professional Certification Standards represent a teacher-driven initiative to create basic, minimum national standards.

Some provinces currently have professional certification systems in place. A TESL Canada professional certificate does not replace provincial professional certificates where they exist. Professionals can choose to hold both TESL Canada and provincial organisation certificates.

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TESL Canada certificants who have received TESL Canada Professional Certification prior to 2006 will have been awarded Levels One, Two, Three or Four. They are not required to re-apply for accreditation under the revised standards; they may opt, if they prefer, to retain their certification status under the pre-2006 guidelines.  Click to review the pre 2006 certification levels.


Beware of impersonated or similar websites as TESL Canada. TESL Canada has a list of recognized TESL programs, currently only in Canada.  TESL Canada certification opens the door to teaching ESL in Canada and abroad. If you are in doubt about accreditation or certification, contact TESL Canada at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.