April 14, 2020

To TTP Managers and Directors, 

After much consultation and discussion, TESL Canada would like to present to you the results of the three motions that were passed at the recent emergent TESL Canada Board meeting. In order to address concerns of TTPs and their current students during this current health crisis, the following decisions have been made to facilitate TTP completion:

  1. Until on-site ESL classes/programs reopen, in order to qualify for TESL program certification, the minimum number of f2f classroom observation and practice teaching hours for Standards 1, 2, and 3 will be: 

Face-to-face/in-class teaching     40% 

Online synchronous                        20% 

The maximum number of online asynchronous hours will be 40% of the total number of observation and teaching hours (see asynchronous options in point #3). The total observation and teaching hours remains the same: 10 + 10 for Standard 1 and 30 + 20 for Standards 2 and 3.   

 *This would facilitate certification for students whose practicum was interrupted by the health crisis.  

  1. Create a TESL Canada provisional certificate that would be awarded based on coursework completion only (no practicum requirement). This certificate will be valid for 1 year from the time of issue and be exchanged for a full certificate once a candidate submits proof of their practicum completion. 

*This would facilitate certification for students who were not able to complete their practicum because of the health crisis. This provisional certification may allow people to secure interim employment or supply teaching.  

  1. The following are acceptable online asynchronous practicum activities: 
  • Classroom observation: watching recorded classes with reflection. 
  • Practice teaching: delivery of content (e.g., moderated online discussions related to readings, videos or podcasts, submission of work with feedback loop, prepared voice-over PowerPoint presentations) via online learning management systems such as Moodle, Brightspace, Blackboard, or Canvas; and evaluated micro-teaching demonstrations. 

Thank you for responding to the survey and taking part in the zoom consultation sessions. We appreciate your insights and input. All the best to you at this challenging time.

Paula Kristmanson, TESL Canada President

Dmitri Priven, TESL Canada Standards Committee Chair